A New Year and Renewing Hope!

Welcome back everyone!

After a short hiatus your editing intern has returned and this is the place where you know you will be in the know! At the bottom of each new post you can like and share to others via Facebook or email! Are you new to the news? Fabulous! Be sure to subscribe so that each week it comes right to your in box.

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Calling all caregivers and loved ones! Spending time caring for those around you is an incredible job. You are appreciated and you are amazing! We want to give back to you and provide a space for you to connect with, as well as to offer and receive support from other caregivers. Our Family, Friends, and Caregivers group meets every Monday at 5pm over zoom, and it is open to you💛
New year, new week, new day… while a new year is refreshing, it can also feel overwhelming. This ten-minute reset can help with focusing on one day at a time
In the spirit of new beginnings, bring your “beginner’s mind” to meditation to find out what it’s all about or reconnect with your practice. All you need is yourself and a chair (or the floor). We’ll meet Mondays, join us whenever you can.
For the zoom link email Christine at bartonc321@gmail.com

“Half an hour’s meditation is essential except when you are very busy. Then a full hour is needed.” 😉    ~ Francis de Sales
Continued Isolation and concerns for the future call for radical self care! Here is a fun game you can play so that each day you are consciously doing something kind for you! When you hit BINGO reward yourself in whatever way feels deliciously decadent to you!

If you want share on the HopeClub Facebook page to inspire others!

Use the tag #hopefulselfcare in the post!
HopeClub is known for it’s caring community and we are going to continue that on here virtually! We are looking to recognize our volunteers that are the heart of the agency. Nominate someone that you know needs a light of gratitude shined on them!

Email your nominations to: lily.hopeclub@gmail.com or joni.richter@cancer.org
Hopeful Cooking returns to Facebook Thursday February 4th! Stay tuned for menu announcement!

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