The Thank You Edition

This week we are taking a moment to pause and reflect on the volunteers we are so grateful for!

A Farwell From The Interns

Chelsea: Hope Club has been an absolute pleasure to work with as my time as a master’s level social work intern. Despite the difficulties we all faced with an all online platform, Hope Club has prepared me for my future as a social worker. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and meeting all of you on my journey. I hope you all the best of luck in the future and thank you!
Carissa: Hi everyone! I just wanted to say how thankful I am for having this experience interning at the American Cancer Society Hope Club. I want to thank Joni for being a great supervisor and giving me this experience. I also want to thank all the Hope Club members who I have had the pleasure meeting and working with. I had such a wonderful experience at Hope Club and I thank you all! 

Volunteer Highlight

Winnie! Winnie is our Coordinator …. Keeps us inspired, organized, and helps PLAN the fun ways we Celebrate at HopeClub.  She shares her wisdom, her kindness and her HEART everyday….
There is nothing she wont do to make sure people feel heard, listened to and supported!!  She puts her heart into everything she does and for this we celebrate her.

1.  After I retired in 2007 I wanted to volunteer at something. I was a cancer survivor and wanted to volunteer to help others diagnosed as well.  I heard about GILDA’S CLUB which was here in Latham and I contacted them to volunteer. After some time the organization changed and became ACS HOPECLUB.  

2.  Volunteering since 2007.

3.  What stands out to me and keeps me involved at HopeClub is the camaraderie that is at Hope Club among members and volunteers. Members welcome new people who are newly diagnosed and may walk in through our RED DOORS and feel nervous or anxious, and then we get to welcome them and help them to find comfort in meeting people who are also in treatment and living with cancer – who understand. New friendships are made every day that last a lifetime.

4.  During the pandemic I have focused on staying healthy and safe.  I am grateful that  however I have been able to work on a project t since fall 2020.  I have knitted hats which are then donated thru a couple of organizations.  To date I have made about 120 hats. This gives me peace and comfort knowing people that need them are getting new warm hats in this cold weather.

A Thank You to March’s Artist!

Matt Cosgrove gave HopeClub and outstanding performance LIVE 3/20! Thank you Matt for being March’s Virtual Concert Performer!!!

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